2008 Sponsors

US Sponsors

  • Benefactor Level
    • Kalin and Sharon Tchonev
  • Founder Level
    • The William and Claire Isaacs Wahrhaftig Fund
  • Director Level
    • Don Tomlin
  • Sponsor Level
    • Barry and Jan Hossler
    • The Harvest Church
    • Norman J. Arnold
    • Alan Kahn

Bulgaria Sponsors

  • Founder Level
    • The Varna Municipality
  • Sponsor Level
    • Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”, Sofia
    • The Ministry of Culture
    • Jewish Joint Distribution, Sofia
    • Mr. Dimitar Yazov, Plovdiv
    • Melina Ltd.
    • BTZ Plovdiv
    • Mr. Rahamim Grandebul

Israel Sponsors

  • Director Level
    • The Jerusalem Municipality
    • Gerard Bechar Center, Jerusalem
    • The Petah Tikva Municipality
    • The Performing Arts center – Petah Tikva
  • Sponsor Level
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Mr. Nissim Zarfati

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