The Story

Possibly you know someone that has been a victim of intolerance. Maybe you or a family member has been excluded, treated unjustly, or even placed in harm’s way—simply because you are different. Even worse, you have had no voice.

Well, here is our story, which has yet to be sung:

The night was March 8, 1943; the Second World War was raging. Several trains secretly entered Bulgaria to deport 8,000 Jews to the death camps in Poland. But that would have only been the beginning – a formal agreement had been signed to deport many more!

Although the government was allied with Nazi Germany, the Bulgarian people who opposed the measure made its collective voice heard. As a result the Parliament, Palace, and Church led an effort to frustrate the implementation of this monstrous hate crime against humanity and the deportation was canceled.

Two additional attempts were thwarted by the Bulgarian people who cared enough to take action. The result? All 49,000 Jews were rescued.

Why not pay tribute to a survivor or become a voice for a victim of social injustice today by joining your voice with ours in Songs of Life!

Read the full history here

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