The Composer

georgi_andreev2Georgi Andreev

Georgi Andreev was born 1969 in Haskovo, Bulgaria, where he began studying music at a young age.

In 1988, Georgi graduated from the School of Folklore Music “Shiroka Laka” where he majored in the gadulka, which is a traditional Bulgarian bowstring instrument.

In 1997, he went on to complete the class of composing at the Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov,” graduating with honors.

A winner of multiple national awards, Georgi has directed numerous national orchestras and ensembles, composing for the Bulgarian national radio and authoring more than 400 songs and plays.

Georgi Andreev brilliantly merges classical choral-orchestral music with traditional rhythms and folk styles that are rarely encountered today.

The theme of rescuing the Bulgarian Jews during World War II has always been close to me personally and, now, I feel especially privileged. Truly, it is an honor and pleasure for me to have the possibility to write a serious work dedicated to this great historic fact! I eagerly await the moment for this music to be heard!

Georgi Andreev, Oratorio Composer


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